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XtGem's new WEBapp - call for beta testers

As some of you might recall, we have been working on a completely fresh look and user experience for WEB users. As we near the public release, we would like to receive some feedback from existing users, work out any of the remaining kinks and polish the leftover specks. To do that, we have decided to make an open call for beta testers.


Basically, here is how it works:
1. Head to http://xtgem.com using a web browser (make sure you are using the WEB template) and log in.
2. Click here: http://xtgem.com/poll/web2
3. Fill out the application form - it's very brief and straightforward, just 3 fields.
4. All done - we will select a limited number of beta testers and get in touch with them.

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OCv5bXOC0wM6 @ 13 08 07 - 14:08:26
把新特性翻译了一下,比较马虎,大家凑合一下了# 添加了对 GeForce 8800GT显卡的支持# 改进了Quadro/GeForce 8 系列显卡的 modesetting 支持# 修正了 某些 GeForce 8 系列显卡的稳定性问题# 修正了 某些 GeForce 6200/7200/7300显卡 多核/多处理器系统上稳定性问题# 该进了对某些Lenovo笔记本的热键切换支持# 修正了一个Compiz中虚拟控制台切换的问题# 提升了 RENDER 性能# 增加了一个借口用于监视 PowerMizer 的状态信息# 修正了Maya 图像编辑器中的渲染问题.# 该进了在某些Quadro FX显卡上的SLI AFR 和swap 组交互# 修正了在没有TurboCache支持下使用XV重定向会导致出错的bug# 该进了GeForce 8 系列显卡中显示设备的(自动)检测# 提升了NVIDIA-settings在1024 768 和 800 600等较低分辨率下的可用性# 提升了在Quadro/GeForce 8 系列 或更老的GPU上,使用Xinerama的GLX视觉合并效果# 增加了实验性的特性:支持X svreer在30位色彩深度(10位像素每颜色分量)下运行# 处理了了内核/工具链在某些Intel系统架构中挂起时会导致软 锁死错误的一个Bug
O6oX5DsY @ 13 08 13 - 14:02:21
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Wdq1igAnn @ 13 08 15 - 02:10:38
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hamad @ 13 09 28 - 23:57:03
malikamin @ 13 10 15 - 21:40:43
malikamin @ 13 10 15 - 21:43:51
malikamin @ 13 10 15 - 21:44:10

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