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XtGem offices & update #2

You were probably all wondering why it was all so silent regarding XtGem lately. Well, a lot has hapened behind the scenes during that time. Let me take a moment to fill you all in.

Biggest news is that we're expanding! Currently 6 people are working on XtGem and we have just opened our offices in Vilnius (capital of Lithuania). It's a cozy work environment that we've put a lot of thought and time to set up.

As for the staff, in addition to me, XtGem now employs 3 programmers, a dedicated systems administrator and a HR/PR person.
While it's still a considerably small team, it will allow us to constantly bring new features to our users and quickly react to feedback you guys give us.

As for XtGem2, we have two of the core libraries fully written and tested, which means that the hardest part is already behind us. To clarify the point of XtGem2, our first aim is to re-work the backend completely so that it's easy to maintain and expand. We don't plan to make any changes to the XtGem user experience that you all well know and love. After we're done with that, we'll launch a beta version and invite you guys to try it and let us know what you think of it - what's missing, what needs fixing and what could be improved. When we're happy with the product, we'll re-launch XtGem and deploy our new version for all users to enjoy.

A lot of existing and new XtGem users asked about PHP support in the new version. Although I can't disclose too much information regarding new features at the moment, I'd like to address that by saying that we're listening to your requests and nothing is impossible ;)

Stay tuned!

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cooljatt @ 10 09 20 - 18:18:02
Great work keep it up bro
we are waiting for new version
Akhtar @ 10 09 20 - 21:43:01
Hi friendz!
I hv just create my site i think its best side for time pasr,knowledge,and 4 frndz
i thankx many time to owner of this side xtGem.com. Thnx again.
Abhishek @ 10 09 22 - 07:33:06
thank u sir for this site.
Abhishek @ 10 09 22 - 07:38:29
this is a great site to create a personal site.many many thanx for creating this site.I'm waiting php feature.
Vivek @ 10 09 22 - 15:11:29
I am very enjoy this site thank you
gulshan @ 10 09 23 - 16:30:07
awasome.....great for all interested
Lucman @ 10 09 24 - 12:04:40
I really llke your site,just keep it up
Jau @ 10 09 24 - 15:59:26
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Desmond @ 10 09 24 - 22:09:17
Hey guys u d bomb.dis is 1 of d best site hav really being into.kip it up.
pratap @ 10 09 25 - 18:18:41
Very good.