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XtGem is 5 years old!

XtGem competition

We are very excited to announce that XtGem has turned 5 recently. The service has indeed came a long way since the very first public release - back then it was a single-man hobby project, built out of passion for mobile web and without a clear vision for the future. Nevertheless, it grew at an unprecedented pace, quickly gaining momentum and traction. Fast-forward to current day, it is an amazing feeling to reflect on all those years, full of 7-day work-weeks, sleepless nights, caffeine-fueled coding sessions and maintenance headaches, and realize how influential this little service of ours has become to thousands, if not millions, of people. We are loving every minute of this experience - and we are doing our best to make sure that you are too!

Although we are celebrating half a decade's worth of progress today, there still is a long way to go until perfection. And we aren't planning on slowing down any time soon! There is a long list of features and improvements that we are planning to implement and we really hope that you will stick with us for the foreseeable future!

To commemorate this event, we are running a competition and giving away domain names, premium subscription upgrades and XtGem-branded merchandise - make sure head on over to our Facebook page and check it out!

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superlative_01_97 @ 11 12 06 - 07:14:33
happy birthday xtgem let me take the domain name „.com“ :D
teenphutho.wap.sh @ 11 12 07 - 13:57:59
mr manh
teenphutho.wap.sh @ 11 12 07 - 13:59:42
happy birthday xtgem :d :d
teenphutho.wap.sh @ 11 12 07 - 14:00:10
hoho :D :D
Chriss.wapgem.com @ 11 12 07 - 21:41:15
Altament refreskant tpu Fizz.
Chriss.wapgem.com @ 11 12 07 - 21:42:21
Chriss.wapgem.com @ 11 12 07 - 21:43:24
2011 Next years. .s0ft
suskagu @ 11 12 08 - 05:38:51
To be
Friendwap @ 11 12 08 - 15:43:36
The day u came into my search I crowned u as my best Teacher. I judged u not 4 u'r popularity or good sound, I felt u as my OWN. I love your services and easyness. Thanks to xtgem team for bringing xtgem.... Wishing for a Endless Birthday.... Carry on.... Just chillll... We are enjoying with your Birthday. Soon I add a picx for birthday of XTGEM.

In Hindi Language " Yeh DOSTI
dum magar
,, ..:::
tera $aath
CHHODENGE. „XT“ you are always with me. HERE U MEANS XTGEM, the hottestttt group/property of this wap and web world...... :->

Truong @ 11 12 08 - 17:24:13