XtGem Blog

XtGem has a blog!

It's here, finally

Although it took longer than previously anticipated for me to deploy this thing, I am really pleased with the result. And I believe you all will be too ;)

XtGem has been immersed into social networking for a while now (We are on Twitter, Facebook and XtBoard -- do check 'em out if you haven't yet). And although these are great channels for breaking news and building a community, there was a lack of a central hub to aggregate all that content.

Not only this blog has solved that problem, it will also allow me to produce more written content. I will do my best to constantly update it not only regarding XtGem's developments (*psst, big news are coming*), but with tips for creating your sites and commentary regarding the mobile market as well.

I will try to include content from the community on this blog too - submit your success stories (you'll have to login into your XtGem account to see the appropriate option for submission) and I will publish some of the best of the best on this blog for all to see. Feel free to also send in your own articles. If I republish it, I will of course credit you ;)

The blog is accessible via a mobile phone aswell as a computer. If you are on a computer, you can check out our touch-friendly mobile template via http://blog.xtgem.com/m (you will be able to switch back at any time)

How do you like the new blog? Any suggestions or requests for it? Leave a comment and let me know! ;)

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acwphone @ 10 05 08 - 10:51:02
good job
geminixx @ 10 05 08 - 12:20:51
I'm loving it! Its clean and sleek! How about giving us this feature too? Lol
lachan4 @ 10 05 08 - 12:22:53
hw can we register in dis site.pls
lachan4 @ 10 05 08 - 12:24:18
i we b happy 2 register any 1 of d site.
Vcompany @ 10 05 08 - 15:48:06
Hy Povilas , yep finally you have started nice blog , i believe that its another achievement , keep going on :D
the.blade86 @ 10 05 08 - 16:43:25
thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuyo
Pravin @ 10 05 08 - 18:05:50
M new here then cant undrstand what i do. But satisfide for my site must be able to view to everyone.THANKS
Samsher @ 10 05 09 - 05:36:37
Wow! Nice povilas.. I am impressed.
Anees @ 10 05 09 - 10:22:01
Nice post about this in xtboard
MobileStimulus.Com @ 10 05 09 - 16:08:34
Nice work here! I can see why you have been busy B)