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WEB tool has been updated!

After months of development, extensive private and semi-open beta testing, we are finally releasing the completely-reworked XtGem building tool to public!

WEB v2 preview
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To make the transition easier for users, existing WEB tool will remain available for now - to access the updated version, either click a corresponding link on xtgem.com or head straight to http://xtgem.com/v2

Here are some highlights of what's new:
Much faster and smooth user experience. We called this updated tool a 'WEB application' for a reason - it acts and feels like a proper desktop application - except you won't need to install anything and it's always accessible, wherever you are!
(1) Easier file management. Navigate through your files with ease, create and upload new ones or manage existing content without having to worry about opening new browser windows.
(2) Building tool has been updated to be more intuitive to use as well as speed up content management.
(3) Preview changes right away. See how your site looks on a smaller resolution screen - and if something doesn't seem right, all the tools you will need to make the changes are readily available.
(4) Easily switch back and forth between different content editing modes. Add or modify content, tweak looks with an updated WYSIWYG CSS tool or switch to a text-mode for the nitty-gritty.
(5) After you're happy with your site, we have made it much easier for you to let others know about it.
(6) All the tools, settings and other details are neatly placed for easy access.

That's just a quick overview of main changes - many more things have been improved and we did put in a lot of attention to detail - we really hope you will appreciate the redesign. Let us know!

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komusa @ 11 12 22 - 12:06:40
dats great
rana @ 11 12 22 - 12:21:49
Nyc !
good job !
its wonderfull !
i want to earn money by cheek but its matter of great regret that xtgem have not this capacity :( !
but all of xtgem funtion is superv & awesome !
all the best !
i hope xtgem can easily solve this prvlm !
by http://rana17.hexat.com
TechnoSparks @ 11 12 22 - 14:01:59
Rana: CPC is on the corner :) XtGem: Congratulation
Tam @ 11 12 23 - 13:23:32
Ty la j ma khjen con ngu0j ta faj dau kho
Borno @ 11 12 23 - 16:28:11

It was a great job from you.
You know what you are now best from wapka
Oh my god! :D
First i was love wapka and my php hosting.
About some days ago I came here and its great..
I am really very happy to become a member of xtgem

Now wapka's admin Mr. Martin is sleeping. Its so bad, I know he
is a hard working person but not than you now. Because your service is best
How over you added php! I liike it....I lovve it and I want to see it best...........!!

I was write in wapka many times to contact admin.
But no way! actually I just want to see it good but he...
There are some error and we must need some new features but..
Okay, if they don't want it than good bye wapka. Now I want to work
only in xtgem and my hosting.

Xtgem Administrator@
I know you are a hard working person. But you also need to work more.
You know what I lovve xtgem very much and I really want to see it best..
So I decided that I will make one more new design and new features for xtgem
But...two problem in there. 1>First I need your permission and 2> I am a new but
faster and a good learner about php. But trust me I can make a good design for it..
I would be grateful if you add me, but I know I need to work hard and must be proved
that I am perfect. So first if you give me a oppertuanity I want to make a design or want
to make new features. (Eg: to make the default file list in a best look or add more services
or..... but you need to tell me)

I have some requests. first I want to tell you about upload limit.......
Your services are best but only 2 MB upload limit is not enough to make a downloading
site so please increase it 3 or 4 MB. Or please make referrals system it will help us a lot, so please.

Than please give us a panel to replace ads (I only mean to place it in left, center or right)
Or make it in center(default). And please please don't add adult ads there because its really not
good. You know what, I am only 15 and from Bangladesh. If you don't add images thats a great service
for us.

At last,
I want to tell you please don't hopeless me. Please contact me and reply me as first as you can. And
don't forget about my requests.

Thanks and keep it up...
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Ramdan2478 @ 11 12 24 - 13:14:15
owh nice!!!

And i agree with Borno comment...
Carlos @ 11 12 24 - 18:27:39
Exelente trabajo, muchas felicitaciones !!!! :DD :)
ricko @ 11 12 24 - 21:08:58
nice service..
pujiyono @ 11 12 25 - 01:58:31
Dinhhan @ 11 12 25 - 05:13:10

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