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v2 beta access!

We have officially kicked off XtGem v2 beta today!

After months upon months of hard (but extremely exciting!) work developing, debugging and innovating, we have just sent out access codes to signed up translators.
Still want to get in on the fun? No worries, just refer here and submit your application as per instructions and we will get back to you!

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IMFIbvgllPtBsdFG @ 12 11 19 - 05:21:43
I love these atcriles. How many words can a wordsmith smith?
google @ 12 12 08 - 07:44:59
Hॠsàlàm kéñàl dàri shà¥à ¥hà . Shà¥à àdàlàh SM*SH BLAST Jàñgàñ lupà föllöw @fizizifi47 ¥hà
OWJrulZWFhFgXPxBx @ 13 02 12 - 16:09:39
That's a mold-breaker. Great tnhkinig!
0gdaFm9d @ 13 08 09 - 11:09:26
Were you using a gmail address or yahoo or msn or which one? Some polepe have reported that they are not receiving emails at hotmail for some reason. If there is another service that is having trouble then I need to see what is going on. Also check your junk / anti-spam folders.