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Post-launch blues

It has been a crazy week since we have launched XtGem2 a couple of days ago. Despite over 500 people test-driving XtGem2 before we went live, we did manage to leave some pretty serious bugs in.

No worries, though - the team has been working extremely hard this whole week and we managed to resolve most of them. We hope to squash the remaining bugs during the following week.

Sorry about the inconvenience this might have caused you - once the system is stable, we will be constantly adding in new and exciting features. No pain, no gain, right? ;)

P.S. Please report any bugs you can find using our contact form and the team will work on fixing them. Please provide as much information about how to reproduce the bug as you can. Thanks!

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Amar @ 11 02 04 - 16:16:07
We need befores rss feed codes. . .same as before . . .no need any change. . .thank you. .
Amar @ 11 02 04 - 16:16:16
We need befores rss feed codes. . .same as before . . .no need any change. . .thank you. .
Admob_Error @ 11 02 04 - 16:39:12
I'm feeling Should Fix It First On The Team Is Improving Xtgem Admob Fish From First To Show .. Karena Dari pendapatan Iklan Itulah Kita Yang Pakai Akun Premium Bisa Membayar Xtgem Because of revenue Ads That We Can All Use Premium Account Pay Xtgem
Metalrock.wapgem.com @ 11 02 04 - 21:21:45
Thank you for the big bug repaired but I still have some problems in the panel of my sites: | metalrock wapgem | metalrock xtgem | (ex: It's hard to put images, text in center, left and right !) Thank you in advance! Metalrock
sule_steven @ 11 02 05 - 02:36:11
xtgem please resolve ads function, 5 days ads not appear, its so hurt me, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, its so bad . and so long problem :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :( :( :( :( :( :(
mashood @ 11 02 05 - 05:06:10
Hello sir admob ads how to put in xtgem v2 ?
please sir........
please resolve advertisment function....
Metalrock.wapgem.com @ 11 02 05 - 11:07:06
I would like cetais before but with just news! I'd like a french version please! Because when I change my file its not put me as I had before! Why? Answer me as soon as you can! Thank you in advance! Metalrock ;)
Prodobus.mw.lt @ 11 02 05 - 14:31:04
Plz repair ad function. . . . . . And add a status bar also. . . .
mrbelia @ 11 02 05 - 18:11:46
We r loosing so much data. Upload and include old files is not like old funtioning . please bring back old funtion to us . We dont need v2 style .
Gotjee @ 11 02 06 - 04:23:06
When i add item, it's said, „Invalid block number“?