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PHP support is coming!

It's our understanding here at XtGem that our service should not only make creating a mobile website as easy and intuitive as possible, but tools provided shouldn't get in a way of our users' creativity or technical knowledge. That's why we went an extra mile before and implemented a full HTML source editing support. This is also exactly the reason why we're excited to announce PHP support coming to XtGem in the new version.

PHP is a server-side scripting language that's used to power most of the dynamic content on the web. It allows developers to add functionality to their sites that's either difficult or impossible to implement otherwise. Even XtGem itself is written in PHP!

Support for PHP in XtGem will open doors for a whole new generation of mobile websites and help new developers to adopt to the technology gradually, without having to invest a ton of time or effort into learning the specifics of the language.

More technologically-oriented users will appreciate the effort we put in into implementing this feature. It's definitely no easy feat. We have been pondering over this for a very long time, figuring out the specifics of the implementation and this announcement goes hand-in-hand with other new features we're happy to announce: Subscription accounts and XtGem premium marketplace.

We have heard you loud and clear - you want to be able to lift limitations that we had to impose on user accounts to offset XtGem running fees. We were not able to do that before, because we had to distribute our current resources among all user sites (nearly 900'000 of them, at the time of writing!). Since we aim to tailor our service to specific needs of our every user, we came up with a solution. For a very reasonable fee (it's definitely not in our interests to rip off our users) you will be able to lift, or even completely remove the limits you may be hitting. Be it upload file size limit, PHP support, removal of forced advertisements (they help keep XtGem running currently) or anything other that may be hindering your experience with XtGem - we will have a solution for you.

Premium marketplace is another huge feature that we feel will benefit our users greatly. Users will be able to access and add even more additional functionality to their existing accounts. At first we will be using the marketplace to add more Xt-Functions, based on your feedback. However not long after the new XtGem version hits, we will open it to developers, which will allow nearly anybody, more or less fluent with the server-side programming language of their choice to publish and distribute premium functionality among XtGem users.

Do not be mistaken though - free accounts are here to stay. If you are happy with XtGem as it is, we are making sure you will continue to have a pleasurable experience.

Exciting times indeed!

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nuwanwap.xtgem.com @ 10 12 01 - 15:21:26
the best service!
Althaf @ 10 12 01 - 19:42:20
we waiting... :)
darusmanjays @ 10 12 02 - 05:29:37
thanks f0r wap creativ go0d and i hope like its to priend. Thanks.
karthick @ 10 12 02 - 07:18:34
xtgem is super
johnz @ 10 12 02 - 08:52:35
lhonignacio @ 10 12 03 - 23:27:26
whoah... !! this is exciting.... we hope for that soon!! more power..
semaugue @ 10 12 04 - 04:17:30
wow, is good job,, 8D 8D
Lover @ 10 12 04 - 11:09:36
@SaSi So Why Are You Here LOL? 0_0 i can also say like you.
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DonosoWap @ 10 12 04 - 14:17:13
Thanks XTGEM for your great services to us. we are expecting more to come. By the way can you increase our capability to upload higher than 2mb? thanks if you will grant our request coz 2mb file is very limited when it comes to quality downloads.
Asanka @ 10 12 04 - 17:09:18
How to add a text box to my site?