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More experiments with Ads

XtGem is a free service (we only charge for premium features that cost significantly more to maintain) and all of our revenue comes from ads published on user sites. We spend a lot of time tweaking our ad delivery system and while most of the tweaks that happen are invisible to the end-user, we are currently rolling out an updated ad display.


Instead of a plain text link we have been displaying previously, an updated ad look has begun rolling out into the production environment. Let us know how you like it!

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Vaidy @ 11 05 03 - 16:38:24
It show many time admob ad only
Desmond @ 11 05 03 - 16:53:39
I like this pleas make it easer
Hpwap.co.cc @ 11 05 04 - 05:31:58
This is frustrating!!! :angry:
What is this!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

So many ads :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

If you continue with this, I don't think that xtgem will vanished soon :\
REALDROPS.MOBIE.IN @ 11 05 04 - 15:31:30
Kapinjus @ 11 05 05 - 13:26:06
the problems with E = edit and images/links der the old values its left and new nott go in so vath to do? kapinjus
kapinjus @ 11 05 05 - 13:34:43
Swedish OBS! En (Engelska) do samfing on it so its works am nid to open page/fil in images/links after att have choise E = edit and do a god work. kapinjus
kapinjus @ 11 05 05 - 13:42:37
To get value from „E“ = edit choise it and take „image/link“ dear you see a problems the old info its still left and no new values gett oaut from new fil end the its a big problem for my.
kapinjus @ 11 05 05 - 13:45:54
Look att http://kapinjus.xtgem.com you see.
Oglex @ 11 05 05 - 15:30:22
Yes.. I like u xtgem
Cukhanh11b4.wap.sh @ 11 05 07 - 10:50:23
Thank you for visting my simple site