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Future plans!

The dust has finally settled after v2 launch and I'd like to take a moment and share our future plans.

First and foremost, we are still working on fixing bugs - we realize that XtGem is a huge project with a very complicated code base and there will be issues popping up occasionally. Please report them via XtGem contact form and we will get on it as soon as possible.

We will be moving into a bigger, more spacious office this march that will give us more room for expansion.

Speaking of expansion, we will be hiring additional talent to help out with the rapid development pace of XtGem.

We will be implementing lots of interesting things in the near future: Payments via multiple platforms (moneybookers, mobile, etc), working on expanding our premium plan offerings (FTP? MySQL? Perl? We'll see ;) ), improving the marketplace (making it better for both developers and users) among other things.

We have big plans - stick around! ;)

P.S. Thanks everybody for being so supportive so far - we love our users.

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Milton_Angel_Soto @ 11 02 18 - 18:13:19
I cant edit my site pages at all. I keep getting errors on my cellphone from this site. I cant send messages with contact form.
Fauziblackart @ 11 02 18 - 19:33:07
Shendu @ 11 02 20 - 00:01:22
:) i hope xtgem will add more functions/features in our site editing such as: file uploader for visitor,multiple deleting(by using checkbox),and an instant code/tags for easy creating...ex. If we put in html„ :shout-box: “ the result is that the shoutbow will installed automatically in our page
Shendu @ 11 02 20 - 00:16:41
We need also code/tags which will make upload file „displayed in our page automatically“...ex. If we put in html the code :folder-name: l=10, s=1, :/folder-name: this code will display a complete details w/ upload link include... L-shows items no. W/c is 10, s=1-show 1-10, if change to s=2 will show 11-20...may be these codes did not exist, but it is possible in other wapsite
Shendu @ 11 02 20 - 00:27:21
:( posting and making uploads to displayed in your page 1 by 1 is just a time wasting,especially if you want to have a download site...but by the use of those especial tags,(hoping that xtgem can make it possible)..u dont have to post your download link 1by1 it has all you need,just set it
Shendu @ 11 02 20 - 00:41:01
But this is the most very important to all... We need a multiple deleting function... Ex. If we have 5 error all we have to do is click multiple delete, result: it will show items w/ checkbox,we can choose what or how many items we want to delete :)
Wing @ 11 02 21 - 11:45:45
well don't foget it
JoManiac @ 11 02 21 - 20:48:35
This thing is horrible. nothing works. I dont know who made it, but this was a huge waste of my time.

you may not publish this but i wanted to share anyway.

have a nice day
eng.xasan @ 11 02 22 - 15:03:32
asalaamu alaikum warahmatullaahi
!!!... Today XtGem can supporting email sender and chatroom for users by eng.xasan i can tell this idea by email contact me @ eng.xasan@hotmail.com
Mahmud @ 11 02 22 - 18:29:56
I will be free very soon coz my ssc exam will end in 6 march

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