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I just wanted to write a short blog post explaining latest developments regarding XtGem:
Due to an increasing amount of user sites attempting to obfuscate our forced ads, we are currently experimenting with the ad system, including additional obfuscation checks and random placements of the forced ad.
Since XtGem is a free service and we choose to provide our users with top-notch services completely free of charge, simple fact is, we still have to make money somehow to keep the service running. I believe it is completely fair that we reserve a place to publish advertisements on user pages and in exchange we provide otherwise-costly service for free.
This post is published to raise awareness to the fact, that no, we do not allow or condone anybody trying to game the system. It hurts the whole XtGem community.
So, to move forward and keep on adding even more great features for our users to enjoy, we are taking steps towards optimizing our ad system. We would love to hear your feedback about our experiments - do let us know if you think it is for the best! ;)

On a brighter note, we are opening up XtGem2 beta for even more people! To register and check out the latest iteration of XtGem, go to http://yn.lt and register using the invitation code 'XtGem2'.
Once we release XtGem2 to the public, no sites will be lost - current XtGem sites will be transfered to the new version without a hitch and yn.lt sites will join XtGem's list of available subdomains.

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Break-Boy @ 11 01 21 - 17:22:21
Why php not u give free?
mobilestimulus @ 11 01 21 - 18:00:14
Awesome! Thank you for providing such an excellent and FREE service.
Nervz @ 11 01 21 - 23:20:10
Avin @ 11 01 22 - 08:29:28
Khierrie @ 11 01 23 - 08:35:28
I want to put my ads somewhere in the middle n0t f0r the top or b0tt0m of my page. Should there be opti0n for 'm0vable' f0rced ads where available to opt in in settings so f0rced ad d0 n0t appear in t0p or b0tt0m but t0 desired part. T0 avoid abuse all users who opt in to this feature will be listed in l0gs of the admin and check the sites if they really just 'm0ved' the ad or hidden it c0mpletely.
rilwap @ 11 01 23 - 13:05:38
i guess some ppl dnt knw what we are benefitng thats why they misbehave,,ride on bro xtgem is d best
quest @ 11 01 23 - 14:32:33
i hav my site from xtgem but does don't charge any poeple who enter my site and it's don't pay me
KackyTwister @ 11 01 24 - 10:58:44
Povilas: :clap: nice .. thanks for giving us the XtGem2 Access code! ;) Yeah ads are fair,,
sarman @ 11 01 24 - 20:19:32
thank u
Alfandi @ 11 01 24 - 23:39:27
xtgem when released version
of PHP?

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