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Now that we're reworking XtGem from ground-up, we're taking a more in-depth look at every feature that made the service so user-friendly and easy-to-use. One of the most important features we have is interface availability in multiple languages. Plenty of users currently have the privilege of being able to use XtGem in their native language.

All current translations were provided by volunteers - it's awesome to have such helpful and supportive community (thanks again, guys!). Unfortunately, current translation interface is very lacking. It does the job, but leaves a lot to be desired. Well, we have decided, that since multilingual interface is such an important feature for us and our users to have, we would spend a fair amount of effort trying to build a more convenient way for you guys to create and maintain site translations.

After spending the last couple of weeks planning, brainstorming, sketching and discussing, we came up with a solution. In addition to working on the next version of XtGem we're now also hard at work building a full-featured collaborative translation system that we named XtRedo.

In a nutshell:
XtRedo is a white-label universal translation panel. It encourages users both to collaborate and compete in providing the most accurate translation of an internationalization-enabled project.

The system will allow volunteers to work on translating XtGem (or other services - more on that later ;) ) into their native languages using a very slick and functional interface.

We plan to launch XtRedo along with the new version of XtGem. Keep reading the blog, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and find out the details before everybody else! ;)

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SqQwWZmOkVe @ 12 07 04 - 19:42:35
Bueno, Andreas. Es hora de que usted lea mis comentarios en mi iimdoa natal: el espaf1ol. Lf3gicamente, traducido .Le comento algo: Hace un par de meses, pero especedficamente desde el 1 de septiembre de este af1o, estaba pensando en decirle que me ofreceda voluntariamente para traducir el sitio completamente al espaf1ol. Hay que tener en cuenta, que el espaf1ol es la segunda lengua natal me1s hablada en el mundo (luego del chino, que es la primera; y el ingle9s este1 en tercer lugar), por supuesto, sin la utilizacif3n del traductor para que la lectura sea 100% fluedda y coherente. Pero como todaveda estoy cursando la universidad, no quereda contarle, ya que no dispongo de tiempo.Usted debe considerar que las visitas a su sitio se incrementareda considerablemente, como asimismo las descargas y la utilizacif3n de sus plantillas.Me1s alle1 de todo, todaveda tengo esto en mente y espero su respuesta.Si todo sale bien, a inicios de diciembre podreda estar con bastante tiempo libre.Si lo desea, puede contactarme por los medios que usted ya sabe.Saludos y e9xitos. Facundo Gonze1lez, de Argentina.
NqfHRXJyaeatLTUlxtk @ 12 09 16 - 08:43:36
There's nothing like the rieelf of finding what you're looking for.
evqyOcdOBpUmmBMey @ 12 11 19 - 07:06:23
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