Next up: Revamped WEB version

It has been quite a year since we incorporated last October - we have completely re-written the backend (the inner workings) of XtGem, introduced paid options, opened the widget marketplace, launched a rich mobile version, re-worked the standard mobile interface and as a result of all the hard work we put in, XtGem's traffic more than quadrupled!
We have now spent the past month working on the next iteration of the WEB interface and we cannot be more excited about things to come.


We are ditching the dated web-service feel and are going for a fully-featured web-app. It will allow for a more streamlined site building experience, as well as contain many significant user interface tweaks.

It is not live yet, although we plan to do a closed beta test in October. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be notified![break]

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[2014-03-12] 22DJ.MOBILE.IN:

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[2014-02-10] Cantik:



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[2014-01-31] jibson:

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[2014-01-24] raj:



<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

[2013-12-15] Dafniz:

How get xtgem app on java phone?


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[2013-11-26] KCI KALEM:

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[2013-11-10] malaikat:

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