Touchscreen-friendly XtGem

I would like to announce the next significant improvement of XtGem - a touchscreen-friendly mobile version of the service.


As iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android devices continue to gain traction globally, it becomes apparent, that there is a need for a mobile web experience that is more rich than ordinary mobile sites, yet not as complicated as a full web experience.

For the past couple of months we have been working on XtGem experience targeted at touchscreen-centric devices to address this niche. While it is not yet ready for prime-time, we are hoping to release it in May.

This template will sport completely new looks and an updated experience, reminiscent of modern mobile operating systems. Users will be able to build and maintain their sites on the go in a very fluent and intuitive web environment.

It will be accessible via a mobile browser, next to all other XtGem versions - you will not have to seek out any software in the app store or install anything on your device to access this version of XtGem.

Good times!

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[2015-04-07] Ayacy:

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