Future plans!

The dust has finally settled after v2 launch and I'd like to take a moment and share our future plans.

First and foremost, we are still working on fixing bugs - we realize that XtGem is a huge project with a very complicated code base and there will be issues popping up occasionally. Please report them via XtGem contact form and we will get on it as soon as possible.

We will be moving into a bigger, more spacious office this march that will give us more room for expansion.

Speaking of expansion, we will be hiring additional talent to help out with the rapid development pace of XtGem.

We will be implementing lots of interesting things in the near future: Payments via multiple platforms (moneybookers, mobile, etc), working on expanding our premium plan offerings (FTP? MySQL? Perl? We'll see ;) ), improving the marketplace (making it better for both developers and users) among other things.

We have big plans - stick around! ;)

P.S. Thanks everybody for being so supportive so far - we love our users.

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