1 000 000 sites!

It's a really big day for us, seeing as how we now host over 1 000 000 mobile sites! It's amazing when you think about it - a very significant portion of mobile internet has been built, and is currently being hosted, on XtGem. When I set out to build the best mobile site building service a bit over 4 years ago, I never imagined it would gain traction this fast and grow to be such a huge part of millions' of people's mobile experience.

That said, I would like to give thanks where thanks are due: First off, thank you, dear users, for supporting us. It has been crazy and extremely exciting four years and XtGem would not have made it this far without your continuous support. Keep on blogging, posting in forums and sending in your questions - we love to hear from you and we appreciate every slightest tidbit of encouragement.
Also, great big thanks to the team - Mindaugas, Arminas, Danas, Tadas, Graham and Andrius - those people made XtGem happen and have put extraordinary amounts of work and passion into building XtGem2.

Speaking of XtGem2, we now have a release date! If all goes well, XtGem2 will be deployed into production on the night from January 31st to February 1st (GMT+2). If something breaks (and it might, since it is a completely new system), it will be postponed a week or so. No downtime is expected, but some things may malfunction or not work at all during the transfer (but hopefully nothing will break!).

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