Update #3 & translator call!

We have finally settled in into our cozy offices and been hard at work building XtGem since. Our aim is to completely rewrite the backend to allow for easy expansion and improve the scalability of our system. So far it's been going great. We've made some great progress in a very short amount of time.

I am still unable to provide an ETA for the launch, but it shouldn't be too far off. Team is working their asses off to get the product to match our high quality requirements as soon as possible. Once we're happy with how it works, we plan to run a closed beta for a period of time. Translators will be first ones to get access to the beta.

To apply as a translator, send your applications to translations (at) xtgem com (via e-mail) and include the following information:
* Language you want to translate XtGem to
* Your experience with language in question (e.g. native speaker for past 18 years, been studying it for 5+ years, etc)
* Your age
There are a couple of requirements also:
* You have to be at least 18 years old
* Good understanding of core XtGem functionality
* Good understanding of english language (since that's the language you'll be translating from)

We'll review the applications, but don't expect a reply right away. We will let you know once we have the beta running and send you a link to sign up for a translation interface.
Also, multiple translators for the same translation language are welcome!

In return you will not only be one of the first ones to get access to the new XtGem beta, but also be credited as a creator of the translation and get access to even more special features of XtGem in the future.

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