Current state of XtGem

You might have noticed a lack of updates and new features lately. That's becaue we're hard at work building the next version of XtGem.
When I started XtGem almost four years ago, it was built as a personal project. I had never imagined it would attract such a huge amount attention. However XtGem has now reached a point at which we have to take a good look what we have been doing so far and decide what goals we want to pursue next.

The new version of XtGem will allow for much easier maintenance of the service and allow for new features to be added with ease. In other words, it's calm before the storm. Once we have the new version up and running, expect a much more steady stream of updates.

At the moment three people are working full-time developing XtGem. We hope to be able to start testing the new version by the time July comes.

We also have a number of very exciting announcements ready and we'll publish them closer to the release date. Stay tuned!

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