XtGem is hiring!

We are looking for a freelance WEB (/mobile) developer. Requirements:
* Real-world experience
* Genuine passion for programming
* PHP 5, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery) and other common web-languages
* Experience building mobile web applications (WML, xHTML MP, etc)
* (optional) Understanding of Symfony, Zend Framework and Doctrine

You will be able to work from home, interact with intelligent individuals and innovate the mobile market. We are hiring long-term!
Since you will work in a relatively small team your input will be more than welcome and any additional skills you can bring to the table will be properly utilized.
Education and age are not that important.

How to apply:
1. Send a link to your portfolio (or just list URLs for your latest works)
2. Tell us about yourself. Feel free to brag ;)
3. Attach a code sample (up to 5kb - just cut a chunk out of your existing code and save it in a .php file)
4. Attach a screenshot of your desktop. We want to see your work environment ;)
E-mail: cG92aWxhc0BtdXN0ZWlraXMuY29tLg==

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