XtGem has a blog!

It's here, finally

Although it took longer than previously anticipated for me to deploy this thing, I am really pleased with the result. And I believe you all will be too ;)

XtGem has been immersed into social networking for a while now (We are on Twitter, Facebook and XtBoard -- do check 'em out if you haven't yet). And although these are great channels for breaking news and building a community, there was a lack of a central hub to aggregate all that content.

Not only this blog has solved that problem, it will also allow me to produce more written content. I will do my best to constantly update it not only regarding XtGem's developments (psst, big news are coming), but with tips for creating your sites and commentary regarding the mobile market as well.

I will try to include content from the community on this blog too - submit your success stories (you'll have to login into your XtGem account to see the appropriate option for submission) and I will publish some of the best of the best on this blog for all to see. Feel free to also send in your own articles. If I republish it, I will of course credit you ;)

The blog is accessible via a mobile phone aswell as a computer. If you are on a computer, you can check out our touch-friendly mobile template via http://blog.xtgem.com/m (you will be able to switch back at any time)

How do you like the new blog? Any suggestions or requests for it? Leave a comment and let me know! ;)

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