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A great news for site owners! Graham Warren, created a thread in the forums about a new option. As mentioned, XtGem now gives you an exclusive access to 5MB upload limit. Unlike before, XtGem limits upload sizes at 2MB. But first, don't get to your file browser yet! In order to enable this 5MB limit, there are steps to follow, and conditions to accept!

The steps

1. First, head off to your XtGem main panel.

2. Go to settings:

    Web template: Inside the builder, click Settings at the top right of the window and choose the "Additional Features" tab

    Touch template: Go to your site's panel (the site you want to enable the feature) then choose "Additional Features"

    Mobile template: Go to your site's panel (the site you want to enable the feature) then choose "Additional Features"

3. Tick the checkbox and submit your changes!

4. Your website will now have 5MB upload limit.

Conditions to accept and things to note!

WARNING: Please do not misuse this feature to upload copyright infringing files. Your site might get banned without any notice!

There are conditions to accept too. With this setting enabled, your site will have this one intermediate page generated by XtGem before someone downloads a file. This page will appear regardless of any non-html files, and sizes. This means file below 2MB will still get this page upon download! The page will show XtGem ads including your site's name. It is similar to hotlinking protection.

If you have uploaded a file over 2MB and suddenly decided to turn off the feature, your 2MB+ files will be inaccessible by any user except you yourself. You cannot upload 2MB+ files afterwards until you enable the setting again.

Lastly, if you are a premium user, ads will not be shown on the intermediate page, however, they will be counted as ad-free page-views as well for your current plan on XtGem.

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[2014-07-12] wapviet:


[2014-07-08] suarnaya:

thank, i can upload game big size now

[2014-06-27] SundayaMizo:

Wow! Thanks! As a lover of Xtgem , 5MB is still very less ! Please increase it to aleast 10MB!

[2014-06-20] AndRah_Solutions:

Oya buat para master please jawaban nya kirim via email / cara mengetahui link profile kita di akun xtgem, kirim ke : trimakasih seblum nya master !

[2014-06-20] AndRah_Solutions:

Nice,, i can use more time ! Pecinta xtgem indonesia ane minta bantuan dong ! N tolong di bantu yah, tapi ga pake prokprokprok yah heheheh ! Ane mau tanya nih, kalau untuk lihat url profil gimana ? / agar bisa di buat link dari halaman lain ke profile wap xtgem kita ? Thanks sebelum na ! (Maklum newbie) help please , . , . ,

[2014-06-11] MrHoan:

Yeah, i like Xtgem with 5MB limit per file i can upload long documents.

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[2014-06-08] EkoLastXT:

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the current business game wap game android
operating system so memory consuming. Hope
continues admin decent upgrade again! Thank
you. :D

[2014-06-01] Abdur-Rohman:

kumpulan aplikasi terbaru dan game terbaru
di bawah ini kunjungi


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Indonesia I want to Ask How do I delete
the folder and its contents in xtgem how
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[2014-05-18] Topman:

Dat gr8 news

[2014-05-17] AH-SID:

That is a great news. However I don't have any files, I'm just write on xtblog ;-D