Community / forum builder

We are excited to announce a public beta of XtGem forum builder.

To add it to your site, use the "Discussions / Forum" block (can be found under "Utilities > Social").

We have been working hard the past couple of months to make sure that the forum builder is both functional and easy to use.

Some of the features include:

  • Full moderation toolkit, including modlog, thread pinning, closing, etc
  • Multi-moderator support
  • Memberlist management
  • File attachments
  • Guest posting
  • Karma system (up/down votes for posts)
  • BBcode, smilie support
  • Code highlighting in posts
  • SEO-friendly URLs

...and many more

We have been running official XtGem community  forum using this feature for months without any issues. However, we are always excited to hear user feedback - please let us know how you like this feature on .

XtGem community catalog!

We know that one of the hardest things for new communities is to get the word out and get the first participating members.

To help new XtGem forums we have created a community discovery catalog. To submit your own forum, go to , enter your site URL and we'll do our best to promote it on XtGem network!

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