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blog post v2 beta access!

We have officially kicked off XtGem v2 beta today!

After months upon months of hard (but extremely exciting!) work developing, debugging and innovating, we have just sent out access codes to signed up translators.
Still want to get in on the fun? No worries, just refer here and submit your application as per instructions and we will get back to you!

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blog post PHP support is coming!

It's our understanding here at XtGem that our service should not only make creating a mobile website as easy and intuitive as possible, but tools provided shouldn't get in a way of our users' creativity or technical knowledge. That's why we went an extra mile before and implemented a full HTML source editing support. This is also exactly the reason why we're excited to announce PHP support coming to XtGem in the new version.

PHP is a server-side scripting language that's used to power most of the dynamic content on the web. It allows developers to add functionality to their sites that's either difficult or... [Continue reading]

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facebook We're looking for translators that...

We're looking for translators that would like to help out XtGem community by adapting the upcoming XtGem version to their native language. Please see this blog post for more information: http://blog.xtgem.com/read/post/update-3-translator-call.html

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twitter Since traffic to our webservers nearly...

Since traffic to our webservers nearly tripled lately, we're having some stability issues. Bear with us, rest assured we're working on it!

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twitter We have just passed 800'000 registered...

We have just passed 800'000 registered sites on XtGem!

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twitter New server has been added to the...

New server has been added to the cluster. XtGem's speed should be improved now.

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blog post Update #3 & translator call!

We have finally settled in into our cozy offices and been hard at work building XtGem since. Our aim is to completely rewrite the backend to allow for easy expansion and improve the scalability of our system. So far it's been going great. We've made some great progress in a very short amount of time.

I am still unable to provide an ETA for the launch, but it shouldn't be too far off. Team is working their asses off to get the product to match our high quality requirements as soon as possible. Once we're happy with how it works, we plan to run a closed beta for a period of time. Translators will be first ones to get access to the beta.

To apply as a translator, send your applications... [Continue reading]

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twitter Big thanks to @v_company for creating...

Big thanks to @v_company for creating this XtGem java application: http://wq.lt/jCJR

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blog post XtGem offices & update #2

You were probably all wondering why it was all so silent regarding XtGem lately. Well, a lot has hapened behind the scenes during that time. Let me take a moment to fill you all in.

Biggest news is that we're expanding! Currently 6 people are working on XtGem and we have just opened our offices in Vilnius (capital of Lithuania). It's a cozy work environment that we've put a lot of thought and time to set up.

As for the staff, in addition to me, XtGem now employs 3 programmers, a dedicated systems administrator and a HR/PR person.
While it's still a considerably small team, it will allow us to constantly bring new features to our users and quickly react to feedback you guys give... [Continue reading]

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twitter All services should be back to normal

All services should be back to normal

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